AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation

We believe we are at the beginning of a dramatic transformation in the science and technology of infrastructure that will dramatically impact human life

AxonPrime is a partnership between Dinakar Singh, of Axon Capital, and Dakin Sloss, of Prime Movers Lab. AxonPrime unites Axon Capital’s expertise in global investing in public and private equities with Prime Movers Lab’s leading platform for investing in science and deep technology companies.

Breakthrough scientific companies focused on innovation in communication, robotics, building and construction technology, water, 3D printing and semiconductors will lead a transformation and generate tremendous value for their shareholders. We expect that innovation in these areas will continue to accelerate. Prime Movers Lab has utilized its leading science and deep technology investing platform to identify, evaluate and invest in leading companies in these areas, including Diamond Age Corp., Fort Robotics, Inc., Halo Industries, Inc., and Tarana Wireless, Inc. AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation's business strategy is to identify and complete a business combination that can create value for our shareholders over time. Our sponsor is AxonPrime Infrastructure Sponsor LLC.

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Muneer Satter
Chairperson of Audit Committee
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William Ulrich
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About Our Sponsor and Affiliates

Axon Capital

Founded by Dinakar Singh, Axon Capital (“Axon”) is a global investment firm focused on concentrated long-term investments in both public and private companies. Axon manages various funds with assets under management of approximately $500 million, of which Mr. Singh and/or related and controlled entities are the largest investor.

Axon was founded by Mr. Singh in 2005, after 14 years at Goldman Sachs, where he helped build, and eventually was global co-head, of the firm’s highly profitable global equities proprietary trading and investing business. For much of its early years, Axon focused on a broad range of long and short investments, based on exhaustive bottoms-up fundamental research, across asset classes and across geographies, through investment teams and offices in Asia, Europe, and the US. In addition to equities and credit long and short investments, Axon also had a significant focus on private investments, and in particular was a pioneer in large scale investing in drug royalty investments. In addition, Axon selectively engaged in high-profile activist investments in industries including healthcare and energy.

In recent years, Axon has focused on making concentrated long-term investments in both public and private companies. Within private investments, the focus has been on investments in early-stage growth companies which we believe have business models that are attractive and highly scalable, and where we believe we can enhance value through our involvement. Axon often takes hands-on, leadership positions in our growth investments, and we work closely with management teams to optimize strategy and execution. All investments are based on exhaustive analysis and extensive due diligence utilizing both the Axon team, as well as an extensive network of advisors, consultants, and relationships.

Axon’s leadership is comprised of Mr. Singh, and Ms. Koryn Estrada, who together serve as co-CEO and co-CIO, and have worked together for over 10 years, along with their partner Alexander Blank.

Prime Movers Lab

Founded and led by Dakin Sloss, Prime Movers Lab LLC manages a series of venture capital funds (such venture capital funds along with Prime Movers Lab LLC, “Prime Movers Lab”) that make early and growth stage venture capital investments in breakthrough scientific companies. Mr. Sloss founded Prime Movers Lab in 2018 with the vision of building the world’s leading platform for investing in breakthrough scientific companies. Now, with approximately $1 billion dollars of assets under management across three funds and approximately twenty investment vehicles, Prime Movers Lab has built a leading science and deep technology investment platform comprised of a team of full-time technical partners with PhDs, experienced investment professionals and a network of expert advisors. Prime Movers Lab focuses on a broad range of industry sectors, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, human augmentation, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Prime Movers Lab believes that a unique opportunity exists to invest in breakthrough scientific companies because the next wave of technological transformation is happening in the physical world. From dramatic advancements in human longevity and bio-medical augmentation to the next generation of supersonic air transportation and space exploration, Prime Movers Lab believes that we are at the beginning of rapid change. Despite tremendous opportunities, historically a minority of venture capital has been invested in deep technology companies. Prime Movers Lab believes most investors lack the technical and industry expertise and vision to evaluate breakthrough science and deep technology companies and their potential to scale into transformational growth businesses with leading market positions.


AxonPrime will benefit from Prime Movers Lab’s leading science and deep technology investment platform. Prime Movers Lab has a team of full-time technical partners with PhDs and advanced degrees in aerospace engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering, cell and structural biology, electrical engineering, and robotics and industrial and operations engineering, among others. These technical partners help formulate investment theses, source investment opportunities and evaluate both science and engineering risk associated with potential investments. Prime Movers Lab also has a network of approximately 50 leading expert advisors in key areas such as space, longevity, neuroscience, microbiome and advanced materials. These advisors bring decades of industry specific, deep science and technical expertise to Prime Movers Lab on a project-by-project basis.

Our Management Team

AxonPrime Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation is led by executive officers Dinakar Singh, Founder and CEO; and Jon Layman, COO, CFO, and Director. Our management team has developed deep, long-term relationships with successful founders, operators, and directors across our target industries. We believe our understanding of private deal execution and public capital markets, and valuation dynamics in both markets, make us uniquely positioned to identify and execute a growth orientated business combination.

Dinakar Singh

Founder and CEO

Dakin Sloss


Jon Layman

COO, CFO, and Director

Our Board of Directors

Our efforts to seek a suitable business combination target will be complemented and augmented by the expertise and network of relationships of our directors, who each have extensive experience in business and financial matters.

Richard Spencer


Muneer Satter


Koryn Estrada


William Ulrich